RileyLink Waterproofing Qi Wireless Charging Case for Loopers #004

RileyLink Waterproofing Qi Wireless Charging Case for Loopers #004

We finally made a waterproof version of our Qi wireless charging case for RileyLink!!!! Loopers rejoice (LOL). Still untested underwater (are we going to???) but the joint seam looks good, clear of air and voids!

One mistake… The hole for a keychain etc…. Well, it won’t work with the Qi charging base. DUH! but may be big enough for a quick connect or something similar for a PFD when canning….

We still haven’t put too much thoughts into gas escapes in the event of LIPO failure… May be threading in a Schrader valve backwards somewhere in the body???? <<– this would require a slight redesign, probably…

We will be adding our updates here.

PDF of the drawing for laser engraving is here.

Side view
LED side

Future ideas:

  • tileā„¢ integration
  • A glow in the dark material
  • Dying one surface of the acrylic (using the solvent glue as the penetrant) so laser engraving can be used to mark letters
  • Bigger battery???
  • Gas vent
  • magnet activated soft-latch switch
  • buzzer when a new Bluetooth connection is made – this will allow for an easy “finding” of RileyLink by turning on/off the Bluetooth on the phone (if the they are in range with each other)

Now, these are not for sale do do we intend to, but we would glad to help you out so you can go kayaking with your RileyLink without a worry!

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