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Tri-Tone Letterpress Portrait

Ink simulation in Photoshop This is a screenshot from Illustrator. These are MDF plates. From left to right, black, red, and yellow. Solid black regions inside the image frame are un-lased areas to be hand carved later to save on the fume extraction consumables (to lessen the smoke generation). You can see some areas were […]

DIY Double Roller Brayer

We made a double roller hand brayer using two C&P letterpress rollers. The plastic parts to give some tension to the rollers were cut using a laser engraver. Shoddy tig-welding by us 🙂 Hoping that the additional roller would compensate nicely for the small roller diameter… Perhaps a different diameter rollers would even be better? […]

six color letterpress portrait

Six Color (monochrome) Letterpress Portrait

We’ve attempted a six color letterpress portrait – a monochrome 6 gray levels (so 7 levels including “non printing white area” for a whopping 1 less than a 3-bit image 🙂 . Paper We used three different paper types, Crane’s Letter, French Paper Company’s Butcher Extra Blue-Dur-O-Tone and German Etching paper… They were all cut […]

Three Color Letterpress Portrait

We just finished a large (31.5″ long paper) slightly-larger-than-life-sized multi-colored letterpress portrait using our Vandercook press. We only used a dozen sheets of paper but luckily we managed to get a few decent yields. We attributed the most fabulous registration of each of the plates to the new servo’s ability to run the press super […]

How to Peach a Letterpress

Text in the second poster: “At the Capitol Building” “Come Watch Rudy Emerge From A Coffin” “October 31st” You can find these posters here: (This video is the 3rd revision. Older versions are no longer available) Thanks for watching!!!