Month: August 2023

Kiyoshi Stickers are Available

Affirm your daily blood glucose and insulin management saga with Kiyoshi. Share with friends & loved ones. Have Kiyoshi explain what CGM/pump are to others. You got this! Download Kiyoshi from Apple App Store today It is tough to be someone who has to manage their blood glucose all the time. For those who also […]

Shugga Shugga logo

ShuggaShugga 1.01.1 User Guide

Please refer this this page for the introduction to the app (download ShuggaShugga here). Please note that we use the word “shugga” (lowercase “s”) as a verb for “to make an audible announcement of your latest blood glucose value from Health”… The Very First Time: You will be greeted with series of panels that will […]

Shugga Shugga logo

ShuggaShugga 1.2.1 for iPhone

ShuggaShugga is a simple yet highly customizable iPhone app that announces your latest blood glucose data found in your Health data. Primarily built as a companion for, it also serves those who have their live blood glucose values written to Health by other means. It also caters to those who manually enter their BG […]