RileyLink Waterproofing Qi Charging Prototype #001-002

RileyLink Waterproofing Qi Charging Prototype #001-002

While the RileyLink for OmniPod with for iOS is a life changing device, carrying it in a waterproof container is a pain in the ass…

Pelican 1040 Box where the “tictac” resides during canoeing & Norwegian sauna…
* note the U100 vial. A much much better size than U250
** note the Starbusts. Not recommended for urgent lows unless you want to eat the wrappers with the carb…

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So we’ve embarked on a little side project to make it be waterproof! There are two issues to deal with, in fitting this into a water tight casing:

An authorized associate of has sent in this photo s/he obtained from a covert operation in the SF Bay Area, showing an US$80 water-tight case being used to house a RileyLink. This case does not allow for wireless charging. Also the operator cannot see the indicator lights.

1) It needs to charge wirelessly. A few different Qi receivers were purchased directly from China to see the fit because you just never know what you get. The one pictured blow, link, is what we used first:

A Qi receiver from China

Of the few different ones we ordered, this particular one had the best size to fit just beneath the LIPO battery. It outputted a steady 5V. We didn’t measure the current.. DUH… (will do it later)

2) it safe for the LIPO battery to be completely encased, allowing no off-gassed materials to escape? Not even sure if LIPO produces any gas. Can it be guided by a small duct – cannula (as people who would be using RileyLink would know this word) – can be made to join the inside and the outside world?

Well, the first prototype is finished and it appears to be working pretty well. We are too lazy to work out the consumption vs the charging time right now but charging whenever we are in the car, using Prius’ onboard Qi charger, seems to be charging the LIPO just fine. It doesn’t do anything with the AppleWatch charger…

A quick assembly clip

It’s ugly but it the wireless charging is working (the bottom plate is a 2.5mm plexiglass).

Version 1 charging off Prius’ charger
Charging off an Anker Qi charger
How the receiver is jammed in – some vinyl electrical tape are used as dielectric…

We are slowing learning the art of vacuum forming… So this may take us a while, to make it into waterproof. Tho’ probably highly not advised to lase ( as in laser) polycarbonate, it is another material we will be testing to vacuum form as well.

Version 2, waterproof!
This is the second attempt at vacuum forming…. LOL
Size comparision
Using thinner pixie and attempting to vacuum form… LOL

The most simple step from #001 to waterproof version would be simply plexi-glue the entire layers together…

As for vacuum-forming, we are hoping to make a more proper die (aluminum as opposed to lased layered MDF?) so it can pop out easier. Definitely we would need to improve on the heating part of the vacuum forming. A heat-gun won’t just cut it… 🙂

The part that meets the bottom plate, we are hoping it to be perpendicular (unlike the version 002 pictured in blue above).

or… Encasing the whole thing in epoxy resin…

Here is the LINK to that PDF above. Not sure how other laser drivers work, we left them all as same 1/2 mm black lines in this PDF. The outer line in double circles are for light engraving to give 2.5mm screw head countersink. The top and the bottom are with the inside shape removed.

FOUND THIS TODAY (11/5/2019):

Update (11/6/2019)

The two wires to and from th Qi receiver. Note the polarities on the PCB’s ALT PWR pads. The wires sticking out on the other side where they are soldered should be trimmed nicely so as not to poke into the LIPO battery.

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