Month: September 2017

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: Part 2 – The Scope & v8.2

Return to DIY Laser Fume Extractor: Part 1 First Thing First: CAUTION!! Laser engravers and laser cutters release¬† toxic fumes including carbon monoxide, even when used properly. Some will kill you slowly. SOME WILL KILL YOU FAST!!! Some resulting funerals may be closed casket scenarios. Some will save money by cremating you for you. ¬†So […]

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: Part 1 – The Beginning

Why Another DIY Laser Fume Extractor? For our first “real” laser engraver purchase, we knew we needed a “real” laser fume extractor system. Our goal to cut through and engrave MDFs and Plexiglass required relatively powerful laser machine (130W). That meant burning through glue laden wood materials and solid plastics quickly. Doing this would release […]