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Insulin Vial Dating Reminder Stickers

For someone with diabetes who just can’t remember the procedures of keeping your insulin fresh, here are some labels to help you with. There are only two columns of labels when there are three available because it is really difficult to bleed out the red (pink or whatever you call it, not the green side) […]

Magnetic Reset Switch for RileyLink

Magnetic Reset Switch for Waterproof RileyLink Case

The Magnetic Sensor v 3.1 This is a quick preview of the now working magnetic reset switch for RileyLink to be used inside a waterproof case in the event the RileyLink requires a power cycle reset. Also included are some review of the past iterations. Just a warning here: We are not really sure what […]

RileyLink Remote Reset Switch

This is the final prototype of the reset switch to be used for RileyLink inside a completely water-proof case. It uses a neodymium magnet to turn the main power off and back on using a MOSFET w/o having to have a port-hole for a physical access to the main sliding power switch. Some 6.2KΩ registers […] on AppleWatch…

We are new to twitter so it’s too complicating to reply there, so here it is: One person with the successful install on her watch told us “It just worked one day after trying many times…“ So the list below are what we did that are different from the previous multiple attempts to get […]

DIY Double Roller Brayer

We made a double roller hand brayer using two C&P letterpress rollers. The plastic parts to give some tension to the rollers were cut using a laser engraver. Shoddy tig-welding by us 🙂 Hoping that the additional roller would compensate nicely for the small roller diameter… Perhaps a different diameter rollers would even be better? […]

RileyLink Waterproofing Qi Charging Prototype #001-002

While the RileyLink for OmniPod with for iOS is a life changing device, carrying it in a waterproof container is a pain in the ass… Here is our disclaimer: MESSING WITH YOUR RILEYLINK MAY KILL YOU, WILL VOID WARRANTIES (is there one?) and MAY RUIN YOUR DAY. We are not associated with the brave […]

Lawson 38/39″ Paper Cutter

We finally squared away the issues we created by introducing grease instead of lighter (motor) oil to the main shaft of the flywheel. Duh…. We had to purge the grease out of the pair of bearings. But we were not inclined to remove the 350 LBS flywheel… So, we bagged the end of the shaft […]

Servo Torque Test on the Press

A quick test run on the newly modified Vandercook 232P (we should call it 232S, S for servo), to see if the motor torque is adequate and adequately set to the correct percentage of the maximum value.

Vandercook 232P Drivetrain Overhaul: Part [1] The Gist

Our beloved Vandercook 232 Proving Machine (proof letterpress), aka Hilda, broke. Specifically, it was her clutch that went bonkers. We use the word “bonkers” here because we really didn’t know much about clutches… It was slipping… It sounded like things were grinding and the press struggling at times. Casual inspections only yielded to us that […]

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: [Stage 5] Activated Charcoal Filter

Activated Charcoal Filter Overview: The exhaust gas from the electro-static-filter unit flows to this laser activated charcoal filter unit. The main body of the unit has a drawer where the activated charcoal pellets are kept in two separate chambers. We use 4×6 mm coal based activated charcoal pallets for the best overall absorption of varieties […]

DIY Blast Gate for 4″ Dia. Dust Collection

DIY Blast Gate, 4 inch diameter, Laser Cut Edition: We have made available the PDF of our first version of exhaust and dust collection blast gate, lased from 1/4″ MDF and a piece of paper and a bunch of 1″ 6-32 machine screws. It’s made for use with 4″ dia. schedule 1 PVC irrigation pipes. […]

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: [Stage 4] Electro-Static Filter

Overview: The Electro-Static Air Filter charges the incoming fume into one charge and collects the particles onto the subsequent plate with an opposing charge. It reduces the smoky character of the laser exhaust fume down to visibly clear form prior to the Activate Charcoal Filter. The earlier versions of our laser fume scrubber employed HEPA […]

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: [Stage 2] Exhaust Mixer

Overview: The laser engraver has two 4″ dia. ports for its exhaust output; One from the above and the other from the bottom of the lasing table. We thought about designing and attaching a rigid intake unit directly behind the laser machine to control and direct the flow at the lowest resistance but it didn’t […]

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: Part 2 – The Scope & v8.2

Return to DIY Laser Fume Extractor: Part 1 First Thing First: CAUTION!! Laser engravers and laser cutters release  toxic fumes including carbon monoxide, even when used properly. Some will kill you slowly. SOME WILL KILL YOU FAST!!! Some resulting funerals may be closed casket scenarios. Some will save money by cremating you for you.  So […]