DIY Laser Fume Extractor: [Stage 5] Activated Charcoal Filter

DIY Laser Fume Extractor: [Stage 5] Activated Charcoal Filter

Activated Charcoal Filter


The exhaust gas from the electro-static-filter unit flows to this laser activated charcoal filter unit. The main body of the unit has a drawer where the activated charcoal pellets are kept in two separate chambers.

We use 4×6 mm coal based activated charcoal pallets for the best overall absorption of varieties of gases that are expected to be produced from lasing of plywood (mostly MDF). Coconut and other wood based pallets are apparently more gas specific.

Consumable Supplies:

We buy them in 27.5LBS bags from Carbon Activated Corp in Compton, CA. Their tech support is quite knowledgeable.

Remember, activated charcoal will adsorb oxygen from its surroundings if it comes in contact with water. So when you are transporting, storing and using, please be mindful of that suffocation danger. 


Be mindful of the dust that arises from the disturbed activated charcoal pallets. The design of the drawer currently takes two 27.5LBS bags.


There is a metal mesh at the bottom of the unit to prevent any pallets from falling into the lower electro-static-filter unit. The drawer design is somewhat cumbersome and needs more refinement. It could probably be split into two, back and front, like that of the Honeywell electro-static filter ionizer units to reduce individual weight. This should make the handle to be omitted from the design as well.

One 27.5LBS bag used
Two 27.5LBS bags used

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