DIY Blast Gate for 4″ Dia. Dust Collection

DIY Blast Gate for 4″ Dia. Dust Collection

DIY Blast Gate, 4 inch diameter, Laser Cut Edition:

We have made available the PDF of our first version of exhaust and dust collection blast gate, lased from 1/4″ MDF and a piece of paper and a bunch of 1″ 6-32 machine screws. It’s made for use with 4″ dia. schedule 1 PVC irrigation pipes. The inside diameter of the circle in the design can be adjusted to fit different 4″ piping including a coupler. The design is also scalable in its entirely as well to house larger or smaller pipes (Remember to keep the screw holes the same).

blastgate public [].ai DOWNLOAD

Adjust the diameters to fit your need. It is for 4″ dia. schedule 1 irrigation PVC pipe now.

Parts to be Lased (Orange = Cut; Green = Engrave):

  1. 1/4″ MDF: x 2 (Front and Back)
  2. 1/4″ MDF: x 1 (the Gate)
  3. 1/4″ MDF: x 1 (inside
  4. Regular bond paper: 2 x Gasket/Spacer



Gluing is optional. User some wood glue or hot  melt glue to assemble in the order of 1 + 4 + 2 & 3 + 4+ 1. Use 1″ machine screws to assemble. Adjust the thickness of the paper for the gasket as it/they will help the gate to open smoothly.

If more contact areas are desired for the pipe fitting: lase the two circles to make a pair of cut pieces and screw using flat-headed screws from the inside, making sure the screw heads are flush with the boards. (Hot-gluing should be sufficient, however)

Use hot glue or use other adhesives of your choice to adhere the pipes (min. 4″) directly to the holes. Urethane glue will be a good permanent solution.

Here are some pictures of the assembled blast gate:


This is the version with the extra circular fiting
The aperture should probably be curved for a better gas flow. Something to think about for the next version.

Not the cleanest hot-glue job but here are some pics of it with the pipes attached
The end of screws are covered up with more hot-melt glue

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