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Tri-Tone Letterpress Portrait

Ink simulation in Photoshop This is a screenshot from Illustrator. These are MDF plates. From left to right, black, red, and yellow. Solid black regions inside the image frame are un-lased areas to be hand carved later to save on the fume extraction consumables (to lessen the smoke generation). You can see some areas were […]

DIY Double Roller Brayer

We made a double roller hand brayer using two C&P letterpress rollers. The plastic parts to give some tension to the rollers were cut using a laser engraver. Shoddy tig-welding by us 🙂 Hoping that the additional roller would compensate nicely for the small roller diameter… Perhaps a different diameter rollers would even be better? […]

six color letterpress portrait

Six Color (monochrome) Letterpress Portrait

We’ve attempted a six color letterpress portrait – a monochrome 6 gray levels (so 7 levels including “non printing white area” for a whopping 1 less than a 3-bit image 🙂 . Paper We used three different paper types, Crane’s Letter, French Paper Company’s Butcher Extra Blue-Dur-O-Tone and German Etching paper… They were all cut […]

Three Color Letterpress Portrait

We just finished a large (31.5″ long paper) slightly-larger-than-life-sized multi-colored letterpress portrait using our Vandercook press. We only used a dozen sheets of paper but luckily we managed to get a few decent yields. We attributed the most fabulous registration of each of the plates to the new servo’s ability to run the press super […]

How to Peach a Letterpress

Text in the second poster: “At the Capitol Building” “Come Watch Rudy Emerge From A Coffin” “October 31st” You can find these posters here: (This video is the 3rd revision. Older versions are no longer available) Thanks for watching!!!

Rudy Giuliani Halloween Poster

You can see how we pressed these here: The first photo has “Capital”. It’s an older version (LOL) You can purchase these here: Etsy Oh come-on! We can have a little fun at the expense of this smart lawyer here…

2019 Halloween Poster…

Are you tired of Trump making a mess but can’t make yourself participate in the resistance? Well, here is a simple, bold and effective way to show your dissatisfaction. LOL These are available here: Cast of horrors: Beloved Donald J Trump (Main Event) Nancy Pelosi (Main Event) Rudy Giuliani (Intermission Entertainment) Devon Nunes (Semi […]

Servo Torque Test on the Press

A quick test run on the newly modified Vandercook 232P (we should call it 232S, S for servo), to see if the motor torque is adequate and adequately set to the correct percentage of the maximum value.

Vandercook 232P Drivetrain Overhaul: Part [1] The Gist

Our beloved Vandercook 232 Proving Machine (proof letterpress), aka Hilda, broke. Specifically, it was her clutch that went bonkers. We use the word “bonkers” here because we really didn’t know much about clutches… It was slipping… It sounded like things were grinding and the press struggling at times. Casual inspections only yielded to us that […]

How to Fill Dings on Press Cylinders Using Epoxy Putty

Letterpress Cylinder Repair: Our Vandercook Proof Letterpress 232P is almost a century old… Well, not that much. 80 years old? Something like that. Well, over the decades, press operators (like us) have left hammers, quoin keys and who knows what on the press and let it run. So inevitably the press cylinder is not in […]